Ben and Jerry’s go Fairtrade

I was excited to discover a couple of new Ben and Jerry’s flavours during my weekly shop. The first is Fossil Fuel and the other sees the company’s first Fairtrade flavour: Vanilla. I hope that Ben and Jerry’s extend its range of Fairtrade products. On investigating their website I’ve found that, despite the company being a large multinational, they try to be ethical and spread an environmental message.

For example you can link to ‘Cool your jets’ the companies way of offsetting air travel and supporting renewable energy projects. This sub-site has a number of resources linked to global warming and a handy carbon calculator.

Also see the companies ‘Caring Dairy’ complete with a video interview with a farmer.

I am impressed by Ben and Jerry’s attitude, and plan to use some of the site’s features when teaching about Climate Change and Globalisation.

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