South Africa Project

In February myself and three colleagues are setting off to South Africa in order to develop an international link with schools. Time is running out fast as we get together ideas and material for the visit. We plan to take out some work by KS3 pupils exploring the local environment and hope to gain some valuable insights into life in the townships. There are also opportunities to investigate the regions wine industry (in terms of job creation of course!) and a big dam project – imaginatively entitled the Big River Dam.

I’m very excited about the visit, although the difference in the quality of life may take me by surprise. The region that we are visiting is a non-white area. I plan to use some of the excellent ideas picked up during workshops run my Dan Raven-Ellision about the use of digital video (for example windows on the world) and hope to use a map of the world to create an environment in which to explore any issues raised.

We hope to come back with a wealth of information and media as well as establishing a two-way link with our partner schools in the area. Check back in late February for the results of the visit.

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