Wow – what a mission!

Why is it that the simplest ideas often take so long to execute. I’ve been looking forward to using the Montserrat lesson on Juicy Geography for a while now and didn’t want the fact that I don’t have a network connection, or GE, in my classroom. I wanted to fly into the island in order to allow pupils to locate Montserrat. The original idea was to use Smart Recorder at home to record the necessary in GE, however my laptop monkeys weren’t too happy and the resulting movie was too jerky to use.

The solution? I imported the excellent movie by Adam Lawson (website) into Movie Maker and played around until the result. I’m hoping that the short video may be useful to those who, like me, don’t have access to GE.

I think my New Years resolutions are to get hold of a very fast desktop, get hold of a Mac and convince SLT to give me a smartboard connected to the Internet!

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