Fitting the jigsaw together…

I’ve often struggled to get students to link different aspects of Geography together. This is an essential skill, especially during the Avery Hill Cross-Unit Task. I hit upon an idea after seeing the excellent global warming videos highlighted on the SLN Forum recently. I really wanted to use these videos as soon as possible, however the issue of Climate Change comes much later in the year. Instead I used each video as a starter in a series of 2 lessons of flooding in Bangladesh. During the first lesson pupils had to link what they saw in the video (about energy saving) to flooding in Bangladesh. The second lesson I used the second video (with the polar bear at the end) and posed the following questions to the pupils:

1. Why should we care about Global Warming?
2. What can we do about it?
3. Link your answers to the issue of flooding in Bangladesh.

I was impressed by the students’ grasp of the issue, and I believe that the links between the two issue were brought home. Another benefit of doing this was the resulting discussion about local effects of Climate Change also, and the level of scientific uncertainty over the issue.Following up on this idea I then used an LEDC or MEDC starter when introducing flooding in MEDC countries. The objective was to challenge the class preconceptions of what LEDCs and MEDCs look like

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