A busy week ahead!

This week I’m taking the ferry to Euro Disney. We are taking 30 Media and Leisure and Tourism students there as part of a study trip. I thought this would be the ideal opportunity to try mobile blogging – I’ve read the information and it seems straight forward. Famous last words though! Has anyone else given this a go?

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  1. Hi Mr. R
    I was going to try it yesterday from my PDA but when I got to the club and bought my pint of foaming ale I discovered that I hadn’t charged up the PDA…
    Enjoy Disneyland – very jealous – went there with the family in Summer 2005 and my daughter said it was “the best day of her life…”
    Good to see you’re in on the GGiP committee…
    See you in Feb
    Mister P

  2. Mr P!

    I was also beaten by the fact I over looked to take the technology needed to post on the move! Will have to get it right next time!

    Euro Disney was great fun – made even better by the seminar’s!

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