Year 7 Carbon Footprint Project

Well it’s taken a fair while, but I’ve finally got together the beginning of a Year 7 Environment unit. I’ve got high expectations of the students and am going to start with a quick examination of global warming. This will lead onto a project where pupils have to reduce thier own carbon footprint. Many thanks to ‘lidlest’ on the SLN forum who really got me started on this with her Inconvenient Truth PowerPoint

Also many thanks to the contributors to my SLN post searching for information. Finally I found this post, another from SLN useful too.

The video on the first PowerPoint you will recognise as the one flagged up a while ago on various blogs. I haven’t provided the link here though. This is also my first foray into slideshare.

The main activity is based on a the water saving project on my GCSE Blog, and you can keep track of this project by viewing the KS3 version here.

You can also download the PowerPoints here

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