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After reading a few Blogs about slideshare I managed to use it in a class situation today. The circumstances came about as Hampshire County Council had blocked the ability to leave comments on blogspot blogs. Some quick thinking later (well for me anyway) I adjusted the water saving project outcome to a PowerPoint. This time I got pupils to sign up for their own account then use the ‘share slideshow’ feature to email them to me at

I was pleased with the result, especially considering this was a rather crude use of the technology. All members of the class were able to send their work to me. This would be a great way to check that work has been done, especially as it is very difficult to check each computer in such a lesson.

To develop the idea further I have set up an account using my school email address. All I have to do is investigate whether slideshare allows multiple logins to the same account. This would allow pupils to upload directly to one account. Perhaps I’ll use this for pupils to upload the outcome of the Carbon Project?

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