Slideshare and Shanty Settlements

The first batch of PowerPoint presentations have been posted on Slideshare. I have already viewed each one and provided feedback. I hope that students will value having feedback on their research as sometimes in the past it has not been possible to view all PPT’s. I am hoping that students will now view each others’ work and leave comments relating to the quality of geography and the presentation itself. The final stage will be to review these comments in a future lesson. I would be great if readers of this blog could also add their comments.

The technique I have used is to set up an account exclusively for this use. Slideshare does allow multiple logins so it is possible for a whole class to upload to the same account within a lesson. An issue has been the lack of Flash on our school network. This is an annoying situation that I hope will be resolved soon! In the meantime, I am expecting students to view the presentations as homework. Do any other people have this problem with their schools network?

I have found that the focus of publishing on the Internet focuses the group. They are aware that the work must be of a high standard and I am impressed how most of the pupils have included details of their sources, especially for photographs. I have included the example above as this pupil missed the introduction of the unit and still managed to produce a great effort! All of 10B’s presentations can be found here

I am thining of following this activity up with an online survey using surveymonkey. Next it’s onto improving shanty settlements.

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