Climate Change

I’ve been watching the BBC’s Breakfast coverage of Climate Change this morning with great interest. The programme has provided a wealth of information and potential resources, including a nice explanation of the mechanism by school pupils.

What caught my attention though was the plans that the government have to teach climate change in schools. The lessons will cover how global warming works and introduce ways in which students can cut their own carbon emissions. Now, as a Geography teacher I’m sure we have all been teaching these issues for many years! I have emailed the programme explaining this and inviting them to examine a SoW. It would be great if other Geographers could email the BBC ( ) – maybe this is a thread they will pick up. I think that this is just one more example of the way in which government interference in the curriculum has devalued the work the geography already does – just like the whole of citizenship.

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  1. Climate change, are we supposed to teach about that?

    The problem with education is that the minister changes so frequently, each wants to leave an imprint, hence Alan Johnson on the new Key Stage 3 review.

    David, your link to my blog, doesn’t lead to me!

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