Tick tock tick tock!

Where is the time going? I’ve not been able to post much this week as there is so much going on! However, I am off to South Africa on Friday to work on setting up curriculum links with a school out there. I hope to post more detail about our objectives later today. While away I am going to try using the PCS Blogs (GCSE and KS3) to set cover work and monitor how well the classes are doing by getting them to post a comment at the end of each class – I feel a headache coming on!
The picture is of me getting hands-on with a fire hose as part of the Fire Safety Course run by Firefighters at Portchester Fir Station. The course is coming to its conclusion and I must say a huge thank you to Andy Earl and Geoff Baker for their excellent instruction!

Apart from that there’s then the skiing to look forward to (a holiday at last – one day I’m actually going to just sit on a beach!). Together with getting job applications together it’s been crazy. My Carbon Footprint this year is going to be huge so I am offsetting the flights and working to reduce in other areas.

I’m happy that there is some excellent guidance coming from government at the moment. I would never have thought to teach about climate change and global warming at all – so ta very much! I’ll be writing the SoW asap! Now if I could only figure out what to do with the rest of the time as I need to give the colouring-in and map reading a bit of a break.

I seem to have hit the 1000 mark which is great news – this hopefully means that readers are getting something useful from here. I’ve still got to attract my first readers from Australia and Africa though!
Right better go and teach!

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