At Heathrow wondering where the time has gone!

Ok, so I’m off to Cape Town to work on a school link, then skiing to the French Alps so may not be able to post for a while.

At the moment I’m sat in Heathrow feeling anxious. I hope that all will go well, and I’m really looking forward to working with the school and pupils.

I’ll be keeping a paper diary until I can update this soon – in the meantime I hope you’re well!

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  1. Hello Sir
    Hope you are enjoying South Africa. By the sounds of your posts you were trying very hard to look like one of the blokes from the posters in airports that advertise american banks. The work you set for us in geogerapghy was good i uploaded mine and chars to slide share. Im going skiing at half term as well as you and if ever watch ski sunday you will have seen Grahm Bell doing his downhill pre run thingmy. I challenge you to see who can come up with the best impresion of that. Thanks sir. Mark Oakey

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