Madness at the office

Well a lot has happened since my last proper post. Please excuse the last one – a result of showing a colleague how easy it was to post something on a blog – should have demonstrated how to easy it is to post something really useful on a blog!

Well, I’m in front of this computer now and it’s time to catch up, hopefully tonight I’ll give an update of what’s been going on over the past couple of weeks and get Day 1 of South Africa published.

Anyhow, the fine looking chap above is St David the patron saint of Wales. Being Welsh and sharing his birthday, last Thursday was an interesting day. Not least because my 5 year old niece now thinks I actually am St David!

Before that it was to La Rossiere for a skiing trip. The snow and weather where both great, although Year 11 say that the resulting tan looks like it comes from a bottle! Oh well, I suppose I’m worth it.

Anyhow – better get back to the task in hand – apologies for few up0dates at the moment this is really due to coursework marking, reports, interviews and trying to sort out primary links as well as processing the sheer silly amount of material from South Africa!

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