The Geography of Skiing!

Well I can say that I’ve defiantly caught the skiing bug. This week was my third trip in two years and after being introduced to powder skiing is it time to buy my own boots? I have to say that Jay Peak saw 25 inches of snow while we were there. Anyhow, I did get thinking about how skiing could be used to introduce many geographical ideas.

  1. Why are there french signs in a USA ski resort?
  2. Mountain Weather – I studied this at undergraduate level. Is climate change a problem for Jay Peak? – not last week!
  3. Diversification – How can ski resorts guarantee income all year round? Jay Peak have built a golf course.
  4. The environmental impact of skiing. Are the economic benefits worth it?
  5. How does skiing connect people across the globe?
  6. Where are our skies made?

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