Skiing in Jay Peak

Wow! What a few weeks it has been. I’m afraid to say that I have been too busy to post but have vowed to get up to date this evening. One of the issues that has stopped me posting is that I have been unable to get photos uploaded – I’ve now solved this problem by using Picasa ‘s ‘BlogThis!’ function. I’m probably behind with this but if you don’t use this method to upload photos to your blogger weblog I highly recommend it!

Right, well the last post was all about skiing. I thought I’d put a little more detail. This first image shows Poutine. It’s chips, cheese and gravy and is a traditional dish of Quebec. I have to say that I felt my arteries closing as I ate this but it was very very tasty. It got me thinking about how I should be eating locally inspired and sourced food wherever I am in the globe.
This next photo shows the conditions near the top of Jay Peak by the Thursday. I have to say that I have never experienced snow like it! On the Monday the conditions were ‘spring like’ meaning that it was basically like water skiing! Then, on Tuesday it started snowing. It didn’t stop for 4 days and the conditions were transformed allowing almost thigh deep powder skiing. Linking to Geography, I was impressed with the way in which the roads were kept open.
In Boston, one of the highlights was the ‘Duck Tour’. This World War 2 amphibious vehicle transported us around this historic city and finished by taking us around the harbour.

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