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Well yet again it’s been a while since my last posting! Events have been very rapid lately so I thought I’d just update. I’ve just got back from the GA SPC meeting in London. It was food to see a few faces again! It is clear that the issue of fieldwork and assessment at GCSE and A’Level is a major issue. I am wondering if a model based on the GCSE Art examinations may yield an acceptable solution? Perhaps pupils could design a research task, undertake the primary data collection and then develop a written response during a longer exam, say 5-10 hours? What do others think?

South Africa Link

A lot of my time recently has been devoted to this. I have been very frustrated with the lack of progress. After evaluation this has been down to a number of factors including failing to agree specific targets to work towards! However, this will soon be rectified as the first reciprocal visit starts a week today. The main aim is to ensure that we have a number of targets and agreed points to share work. It will be vital to agree how to share this information also.

One key issue has been the difference in technology and skills between the UK and South Africa. I am hoping to address this by training the visitors. The initial Blog idea is still viable, but we will need to arrange a structure to work to.

This whole experience so far has taught me to ensure that agreed and realistic targets are present at all stages of a project!

Primary Challenge

It is great news that the Geography department of PCS has been working with Year 6 pupils at Red Barn Primary School. I have been very impressed with the amount of independence shown by the Year 6 pupils. I will post in more detail about this, including the structure and activities, when we have completed the project and evaluated the outcomes.


A new development is that I have been going through the process of applying to become an AST. I am pleased to report that I have successfully navigated past the application form stage of the procedure and am now awaiting an assessment date. In the meantime I am busy creating the portfolio of evidence needed to support my application!

On top of the above it is also DofE expedition time and I will soon be waist deep in examination papers as I am marking the Avery Hill paper 4 again this year! I am also helping to develop fieldwork opportunites or next year that include a trip to the Dorset coast and a river study.

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