Dorset Coast Pre-visit

Unconsolidated muds below Naish Holiday Village.

As part of the department’s plan to expand fieldwork opportunities I ventured to Barton on Sea and Hurst Castle Spit last week. The plan is to take Year 10’s in order to investigate the interaction between people and physical landforms. I had hoped to upload some photos of the visit however Blogger seems to be playing up at the moment!
Old chalet slabs on the cliff top. Naish Holiday Village
We have chosen two sites to investigate. The first is at Highcliffe beach. This provides a classic coastal management case study where the effect of managed retreat can be seen under the Naish Holiday Park. This site also forms the boundary between two counties and councils. The second site will be Hurst Castle Spit. I feel it’s very important to link any visit into the classroom both before and after. Therefore we shall be switching our coastal management case study from Lulworth Cove to Hurst Castle Spit. The visit will also be followed up by an excellent mystery developed by the HIAS Geography advisor.
Coastal defence management on the Dorset side of Chewton Bunny
In the research associated with putting together a case study to accompany the visit I have come across two excellent sites. The first is hosted by the University of Southampton and provides a great overview of the situation including some very useful historic photographs. The second is the New Forest Council coastal management site. There are very useful PDF downloads that cover each zone of the Hampshire zone. If anyone knows of a similar resource covering the Dorset side I would be very grateful for the information!

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