Off to the Alps

Well, it’s taken a while but I’m finally off to the Alps with the intention of climbing some 4000m peaks instead of skiing. Although I’ve hit the Scottish winter a number of times this is my first venture onto the world of glaciers, crevasses and 4000m+ so we’re booked on the Introduction to Alpine course. This is part of the BMC’s annual Apline Meet at Saas Grund in Switzerland. Alpine Guides is providing the instruction.

Although there are many possibilities to pick up teaching material (mainly photos) I am a little apprehensive especially when it comes to fitness and my first venture into altitude. Plus we’ve decided to drive down! Now although this gives us the advantage of taking lots of gear (and looking at the pile of stuff we look like an NGO expedition to a LEDC earthquake zone) the itinerary is a mission! Lots of early starts!

Well, I’d better put something of use here so this is where I’m off to:

Web Cams – not looking great at the moment!
Weather forecast – looking mush better next week! (the course is Mon-Fri)
Alpine Guides Blog – although the course hasn’t started yet they seem very professional and their website has lots of advice and links to weather conditions and lots of alpine photos.
Saas Grund campsite – home for two weeks, although you’ll need to be able to read German!

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