What a week!

Well what a week it has been! To save putting lots of different posts here I’ve condensed it into one!

Saturday (14th Oct)

The GA SPC meeting at the Institute of Education. Very productive meeting and I’ll be helping other members to deliver a workshop at the GA Conference. Then off to the London Eye! First time on this beast and thanks to Airmiles free!


This saw me at the RGS in London on a Google Earth course. I have to admit that I still under use this excellent teaching resource and am pleased that I have the skills now to really explore GE. I’ll be putting together some Virtual Tours to start but hope to use the programme to follow the Tour of Geography and my planned journey to Kazakhstan in the summer…..


I spent Tuesday at Priory School in Portsmouth on interview. I’m pleased to say that I was appointed Curriculum Leader – Geography and am very much looking forward to the challenge in Jan!

Wednesday – Friday

I was reminded how hard life is as a geographer as the new Year 10 coastal fieldwork headed o Barton on Sea and Hurst Castle Spit. I was very pleased with the way the days went, and the pupils seemed to have really benefited from seeing theory in action. However, the presentations will tell!

i also spent Thursday night writing a bid for the Tour of Geography idea – but more on this later!

Saturday (21st)

Wine! As readers will have seen from previous posts wine is a favorite topic! This was an Xmas pressie (yes it’s been one of those years!) and I headed to Bookers Vineyard in Sussex. I started the day very sceptical, but after an excellent tour, tasting and a bonza lunch I left very impressed. I intend to turn the day into a lesson resource as the story of English wine is geography in action! The day fitted in:

  • Climate change
  • Migration
  • Geology
  • Supply and demand
  • Trade

and many, many more aspects. What was interesting was the English Wine (Wine made from grapes grown ion England) is a truly European product! More to come on this later!

So now it’s half term and I plan to do very very little!

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