Global Warming

Wow! It must be half term and I must have lots of time on my hands to keep posting at this rate! Just remembered about this resource found in the Independent a couple of weeks ago. As those of you who know me I believe that it is time to move away from looking at the ‘science’ of global warming: the greenhouse effect. I believe that young people are so bombarded by the media about this subject that they a) already know much (although there are misconceptions that we need to challenge) and b) are getting bored of this topic taught in the same old ways.

Indeed a student recently commented to me that all he seems to learn about these days is climate change and global warming across the curriculum. I’ve started to audit the coverage of the topic across the curriculum.

Apologies if this is old hat but I try to focus on the huge range of impacts that climate change will bring. For example, how can we prepare for sea level change when no one really know how much the sea will rise? This image produced the stimulus for a recent lesson on climate change and conflict. I wonder who the UK will have to be fighting against in the future to ensure supplies of fresh water?

I think that geography has an important role to play in how climate change will affect people and places. We can show how interconnected we all are!

I would appreciate any suggestions to how we can make this very relevant and engaging topic exciting to young people.

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