What a day!

Have just been given this video by the S.O.N. team. This will be shown by the team at the launch of the 2007/08 challenge this afternoon. Also have been interviewed by the Portsmouth News and have had to contact the BBC South Today. Fame comes to some so young!

I’ve also got to post later about the Coke programme last night. The programme had developed a few more thoughts about what I call ‘evangelical geography.’ This is what I consider to be the practice by which teachers give their classes the view they should have. I think that it’s vital that we give a balanced account of issues and allow pupils to make their own minds up. Who’s to say that my view is the right one to have? I know that some colleagues have the view that it is our job to guide students into making the ‘correct’ choice – but who says what this should be?

If geography is to meet the new NC (where we need to be identifying bias in sources) and be seen as an objective and rigorous subject I think that the pupil must be able to disagree with the teacher.

What do you think?

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