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With only 2 and a half days until my last day at Portchester the time has come to reflect upon my time here and look forward to the challenges that my new post will create. I have to say that I am sure that the ‘handover’ period could be handled far better in schools. Many of my friends in the commercial and industrial sectors have a short period where they ‘train up’ their successors. I have to say that I like this model when it is possible, especially with such a long notice period. This would allow the handover of classes and for the new teacher to start building relationships with others. Of course, this would mean a departure from the ‘you must start at the start of term’ approach. Is it a case of ‘we’ve always done it this way’? Has anyone questioned the policy?

I have also notice a range of different reactions to my departure. It seems that many can’t understand my ambition to progress. Many of my students now know that I will be leaving and it is difficult to explain to some of them the motives for the move. Although I do believe that young people everywhere have the same need for quality staff. Having said this the majority have wished me luck.

I’m looking forward to my new post although there are going to be a lot of challenges. I am told that the rolling backboard has been removed and replaced with a white board (of the non-interactive kind) and I may have been able to get a projector, but watch this space. The planning of my lessons at the moment is interesting as I grapple with the prospect of not having access to even the most basic of classroom technologies! Will I be able to deliver he same quality of lesson without the images?

Photo taken by Rich from Alpine Guides

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