Curriculum Leader – Geography

Well it’s been a quite few weeks for me as far as blogging goes. Things on the work front though have been manic! I hope that you all had a good new year and Christmas period and are sorting out your feelings on the pay deal announced today!

I’m now two weeks int my new post of Curriculum Leader – Geography, although I don’t have the official badge yet! As well as getting on top of my classes (some of which I have done through the employment of an ice axe and crampons!) there is a massive amount to do! I particularly enjoyed my first week without any technology! The rolling blackboard came down very soon to b replaced with a simple whiteboard and the projector turned up shortly afterwards. The next trick is to convince the rest of the department that using ICT is easy, necessary and fun! A great resource at the school is that I have access to the roof. This looks over the who of Portsmouth and will be great for (very) local fieldwork! The site also provides an ideal location for a weather station.

The whole of Key Stage 3 isn’t written down anywhere so as well as getting it in shape for 2008 there’s a fair amount of work to do! With GCSE’s changing soon there certainly will be a lot to get on with.

I’m really liking some of Noel’s ideas about a fantasy Key Stage 3 here and hope to use it for some inspiration during my first departmental meeting on Monday. There is so much flying around at the moment about the changes that it is becoming tricky to decide on the direction that I wish to take!

Work on Geography on Tour is going well – still at the planning stage and getting lots of ideas from colleagues. I hope to get some updates on the site asap.

I’m also going to get around to finishing my MA this year – I have to get it done now especially as it’s paid for!

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