Glen Coe 2008

It’s time to catch up on the blog!
This shot was taken at the end of a very long day traversing some of the Mammores range near Fort William. The range has a lovely ridge that stretches for miles. The great thing was the fact the we saw no one all day! This is us looking over a lovely loch. I really enjoy our trips into Scotland and this time I was allowed to turn my back on the looming Ofsted menace! What better way that 3 great hill days, a day on the mountain bike and a day inside the Ice Factor (it decided the rain that day!)
I’ve also been keeping an eye on the SAIS blog for the area. I have been using the images and news to show classes just how quickly the weather can change in our upland areas!

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  1. Hi SIR

    it Harry king one of your students who visited India with you. Really im the one who got you there. with Andys large business plan. How are you? We have finished our 2nd piece of course work the Oral about the Amazon. Got an A. Are you planning on goin out to India anytime soon? hope to hear from you soon sir. Oh and by the way we dont have such a great teacher any more but easily dealt with!

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