The Big Apple?

The Apple Store on 5th Avenue – 24hour mac goodness! These days I wonder if pupils will identify Apple as the ‘Big Apple’ rather than New York?

Just back from a trip to New York and turning my mind back to my looming MA dissertation. I have to say that I love going to the US because, to admit some of my dirty pleasures, it’s about the only place in the world where I can enjoy a McDonald’s or sip an ice cold Coke without thinking about how I’ve sold out to the American machine.

I was also pleasantly surprised to experience the newish NY fashion of the decent pint of beer. To be honest, US ale is pants. However, I did enjoy some truly tasty ales – and not all accompanied by a huge stack of ribs or a burger. For example the Brooklyn Brewery and Heartland Brewery.

Still not as good as real ale though!

New York and the States has an immense sense of place – huge iconic images abound and I’m sure that most UK pupils will be more familiar with some of the New York landmarks as they are with some big London monuments. Anyway, just like a great geography lesson, I seem to have got a little off track so back to the point of the post: globalisation.

My research aim is to explore the conceptions o globalisation that Year 7 pupils have. As their formal education hasn’t considered this concept so far it will be interesting to see how much of the concept pupils can grasp. I plan to run a number of focus groups. To start each session I will use a number of images. This is a selection of images from the NY trip that may be appropriate.

And here are a number of images that I quite like!
The ‘Met’ where the excellent Superheroes: fashion and fantasy exhibit was very much enjoyed!

The Statue of Liberty…..

The registration hall on Ellis Island – for many immigrants to the USA this is where they where told whether they were allowed to settle in the US

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