Changing places

I enjoyed watching Pixar’s Cars the other day. Linked with Dave Gorman’s ‘America Unchained’ I’m putting together a resource that explores the impact of highway creation on places. The film focuses on Radiator Springs – a small town that is in decline after a new highway cuts off the through traffic. Dave Gorman aims to travel across America without visiting any chain company’s for food, fuel or accommodation. These ideas will form part of the ‘Changing Places’ unit in Year 7 next year. There are also some links to landscapes….

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  1. Nice idea David.
    I did something similar when Cars first came out. There’s a track on the soundtrack by James Taylor called “Our Town” whose lyrics are about the same thing. The Dave Gorman book has a huge FLICKR set of images which were taken by Dave…
    Let me know what you come up with.

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