Have been thinking about wordle and its potential uses in the classroom. Thanks to Noel, Alan and Tony for initially pointing this out and the SLN thread with some examples.

I’ve been thinking if this can be used as a tool for AfL. Can an A Grade piece of work be distinguished from a D? Below is the word cloud for my geography department. Although inadequate overall if I had shown this cloud in the feedback session there is a positive message as ‘Good’ and ‘Satisfactory’ come out more prominent than ‘inadequate’.

Got me thinking – without any electronic pupil work to hand I used the Ofsted reports for two random schools. Which one is better?

The first cloud is from a ‘Good’ school while the second is from a ‘satisfactory’ (how I hate that term!) school. Could you spot that without reading the whole report?

This application could also be a good way of prioritising action points for departments or in identifying key messages from surveys. Could this be used as a new way of displaying questionnaire data? Below are the words extracted from a recent report to our SiP. What do you think should be my key priorities?

I’m going to use wordle with pupil work just as soon as I’ve got some electronic copies! Will there be a clear pattern or difference between great work and average work? My instinct says that there will be…..

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