Geography@Work is a new textbook series published by Folens. My contribution is ‘How sustainable is our coastline. Will we be ready for a rise in sea level?’ The process of writing a text book has been a real eye opener. But why use textbooks? Surely they inhibit creativity?

For a few reasons. The first is to support non specialists in my department. The second is that I believe that textbooks aren’t the reason why the curriculum of the geography department I started at in January (the SoW where all based on the Key Geog…). The reason is how the textbooks where used.

Anyhow, I’m fairly pleased with the result and I hope that some departments will find the book useful…..

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  1. Yes in theory! Should be able to get sample copies from Folens and will be able to use from September – so I’m told! Phase 3 (which includes a development title by Dan R-E) is due at the end of Sept.

    Quite scary really! Am interested to know what my peers think as I don;t think it’s anything too innovative.

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