KS3 Curriculum – almost there!

Spent an excellent day at New Place with the geography team last week. We managed to hammer out the KS3 curriculum map and plan up until Christmas. Regular readers may be aware of the unique situation at my school: the geography department had no Schemes of Work. At all. Ever. Therefore I have had the rather onerous task of not only creating a curriculum from scratch but having to ensure that it is implemented for September 2008. In Year’s 7, 8 and 9.

The show above outlines the new curriculum. The presentation will change a little as I’m still playing around with the format. I’ve tried to use the ‘dartboard’ to visualize the curriculum, linking to some of the Key Concepts around the outside. I’d welcome feedback as I don;t think this is 100% successful at the moment. The dartboard also has to show the sequence of units so that staff can easily see progression.

It’s my intention for this to sit on the school’s (a my own) website so that the actual Schemes of Work and resources can be accessed via this one page.

This curriculum will be ‘living’. In other words, it will change and update. I hope to incorporate some of the ideas in the Toolkit series (frustrating that not all of it is available this year for the planning stage of the curriculum!) and other ideas. The RGS units will be adapted to include some local examples and to make some of the activities more accessible to our special brand of pupil!

Many thanks to all those who hae provided inspiration and materials, especially Noel Jenkins, Alan Parkinson, Tony Cassidy and Jeff Stansfield.

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