Year 6 Induction

It seems that at this time of year I hardly do any teaching. So it’s great when there is some to do!

In the lesson I used the key concept of place to explore geography. Started by a little ‘Geography or not?’ quiz asking pupils for why it would be Geog. Then used the ‘Where the hell is Matt’ videos to get across the message of asking questions. Also asked pupils to count the number of places visited to encourage tactics for learning (much better sounding then learning to learn!).

For example some pupils used a simple tally to keep track. This led into a maps from memory exercise (idea from a poster on SLN). Lovely!

The gap at the bottom left of the slide is for a great image from Flickr but I’m still waiting for permission to use it. (in case you were wondering – it’s the sort of thing I would spot)

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