On the move

Have decided to start catching the train to work. rather than turning an eco-leaf it’s for financial reasons: my other half pointed out that I’d be paying less than half the cost of driving the 80 miles round trip each day.
Billy bargain! Now I have nearly 2 hours of sitting on a train – extra reading and planning time. So I’ve also invested in mobile broadband from Vodaphone which is really working out well. I went for the mega speed version.
Why don’t I move closer to the school? I would if there where any first time buyers able to purchase the current chez Rogers!
Image from Flickr user Armel* (back from India) under Creative Commons

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  1. Hi David
    Will be joining you on lots of trains next year. Was interested in the mobile broadband and on your recommendation have just signed up for Vodaphone too.. Was looking at 3 as well, but Vodaphone seems faster and smarter…
    Raining and raining here in Norfolk, but just off round the coast…

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