Cairngorms expedition

These photos were taken the last time I had the pleasure of walking in the Cairngorms. I’m hoping that the weather will be a little different this time around! The objective is to summit all 18 Munro’s in the range over a 4ish (flexibility being the key). Can’t wait for a little bit of wilderness!

The expedition will be a warm up before heading to Skye and then taking on the 3 Peaks Challenge. There will also be a couple of teaching outcomes. I have (for the first time) planned my route using Anquet mapping software. Our actual track will be recorded using a GPS during the trip. The resulting comparison will be used to teach some map skills. I intend to explore the decision making process along the expedition route.

The other projects are very much in progress.

  • Using GPS information to make a GE file showing signs of human use in on of the most remote areas of Scotland. We should not come across a settlement for the length of the expedition.
  • We’ll be taking along a camcorder and tripod, not only to record an expedition diary, but to provide some resources….
  • Based on some inspiration from Dan Raven-Ellison’s latest project I hope to record the entire length of the expedition. I hope to find a city who’s ecological footprint is the same distance.

As for the rest of the summer – well let’s just say I’m going to be busy! I’ll feedback on the various activities when I get back…..

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