What a month! a whole 4 and a bit weeks away from a computer, out of mobile reception most of the time and usually without basic facilities.

I spent the first two weeks touring parts of Europe and some of the photos can be found on my Flickr photostream. This included visits to the mental fountain in Geneva and a journey into a glacier.

Then, for some reason, I spent some time wild camping in Scotland. I plan to use some of the images to illustrate how most of our small island is used by people – even when it’s taken 2 days to walk to where you are. A project to document the whole journey was foiled by the appalling weather.

The final weekend was spent taking part in the 3peaks challenge. For anyone not familiar with this challenge details can be found here. e were a small independent team that took all possible steps to reduce our impact. Turning up at Wasdale Head at midnight was challenging as we had to keep the noise to a minimum. I’m pleased that I managed to get the views of a range of people although I couldn’t use the video, or camera as it was a little rainy. In fact, after a slight navigational adventure at 2am on the summit of Scafell Pike we were all ready to head down and literally kissed the minibus on return. However, I was appalled to note that teams were heading up without backpacks or full waterproofs. I expect that mountain rescue were called upon as I was freezing despite wearing some fairly Gucci kit. I was also pleased that our navigation skills were top notch. Anyhow, I should be able to get a nice resource together (under tourism) in the next few weeks.

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  1. Hi Mr. R – welcome back.
    All sounds like a bit too much like hard work to me. I stayed in a self-catering cottage with a pub over the road and a Cornish pasty shop within sight instead..
    Looking forward to the photos.

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