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Just on the train home from a parents meeting facilitated by the FSC. Our department is taking part in the Eco-Schools Challenge. For anyone not familiar with this project I would strongly reconmend reading up!

In October 30 Year 8 students will travel to the FSC’s center Juniper Hall for a 4 day residential. The focus will be on environmenal issues and adventure activities. The project also provides 3 follow up sessions at local areas. For some of our urban dwelling pupils the adventure will be a real eyeopener. Planned activities include shelter building, mountain biking, a river study and team challenges.

The best part: it’s all free. NO cost to either the school or parents.

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  1. Blogging on the train home eh ? We’ll be putting a man on the moon next…

    Interesting to hear of this project at “my favourite price”
    Are all the places filled ? It’s surprising how some of these schemes are undersubscribed…

  2. The power of mobile broadband – although it is a bit like witch craft!

    Taking to the project leader yesterday here are at las 2 more phases to roll out: northern schools and London. She did say that some school were reluctant to take up the offer so I would think that it’s well worth getting in touch.

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