My new toy has arrived. Straight away it has enabled me to get more organised! Being able to easily check my Google calendar means that I can now avoid getting double booked. A feature that also sold the idea to my other half!

I have also downloaded Spore as an app after reading a couple of blogs (Ollie and Alan) about the game. I have to admit that I done know very much at all about the game so am looking forward to exploring! Ever since playing Colonization on my PC many years ago I thought that gaming could also be used for learning as I found out a huge amount about the development of the USA. Others are far further down the gaming/education track than myself. Having said this there may be an opportunity at my establishment to explore some of the potential, especially for transition work. Maybe based on Ollie’s work.

Another good feature is the (albeit power hungry) GPS and geotagging feature. I’m not sure whether this will replace my hand help GPS and camera as the camera quality at 2mp isn’t great! The Samsung Omnia would be a better choice for an all in once device for that function.

The big but is that I know very much need a mac.

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  1. You will love Spore for your phone Dave – I was playing it at lunchtime today with some children. It was great fun.

    My iPhone is without a doubt the best phone I have ever used. Like you it makes me more organised and the maps are way to cool.

    Hope the new term is going well.


  2. Cheers Ollie! It’s still early days yet but I’m loving it so far. Sat on the train today watching the GPS dot move along the map and that made me smile.

    Do you know what other formats Spore is available on?

    New term is going fairly well, although the new technology isn’t fully up to speed yet!

    I’m looking forward to your SAGT session!

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