Defining participatory geography

As part of my RGS(IBG) Innovative Teaching Grant I have attempted to define participatory geography.

a. Pupils involved in creating and evaluating the curriculum

i. At Priory this aspect proved to be very innovative and controversial! To meet this criteria, pupil voice has been gathered using on-line questionnaires. In addition, a small group of pupils has been formed whose role is to feed back to staff on the quality of the curriculum. During the project it became clear that although pupils are often involved in evaluating what has happened to them, they are rarely involved in creating their own curriculum. Geography on Tour aimed to create resources that will be used with pupils who chose the issues.

b. Pupils making informed personal choices

i. What do they buy? Changing behaviour such a turning off lights and using less water.

c. Pupils informing and influencing their peers and family

i. Creation of resources that can be used to inform others. For example, posters that are displayed around a school; presentations in assemblies and videos posted onto blogs and youTube.

d. Pupils contacting influential individuals and organisations

i. From simple letters and emails to MP’s, Headteachers, and managers.

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