To ” improve the use of ICT to enhance teaching and students’ learning, including students’ use of geographical information systems especially in Key Stage 3″. One of the targets given by Ofsted after the subject inspection in February.

The situation then? Rolling blackboards and ICT meant video, tv, Brazil 2000 and an OHP.

Today the final installations of ICT equipment has been installed in the department. This now makes geography the best equipped department ICT wise (after ICT). One suite of 20 machines, every teaching room now has access to a projector and at least one networked PC an speaker system (Year 11 found that these are very loud when I tested the equipment with the ‘Where the Hell is Matt’ video!) . No interactive whiteboards though but one step at a time.

The next step is to ensure that the equipment is used effectively. This means training staff that have little experience of using ICT in the classroom and making sure that the Schemes of Work allow the development of GIS skills. The aim? To make geography the leading department in the use of ICT. Eventually I want all of our materials to it on our VLE and be accessible from anywhere in the school…………

Now I’m off to develop some blogs!

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  1. Hi David,
    I was moaning last week about losing our small room of 12 PC’s, but really, in consideration, this scenario has made me realise how lucky I’ve been. We all have access to interactive whiteboards, all machines networked and generally great access to PC’s. That said, I do think that sometimes, less is more, as some of the most enterprising lessons I’ve seen, or some of my own most pleasing lessons, have been minus these tools. Enjoying your blog


  2. Hi Kenny,

    Thanks for your comment. I agree that technology isn’t necessarily needed for good learning to take place. To me the key issue is the effective use of ICT. We should always be asking ourselves whether technology adds any value to a lesson.


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