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I attended the Portsmouth LA NQT welcome meeting during the week. One of the best presentations was given by two secondary school teachers who had just passed induction. In it they gave a survival pack fr the NQT year. Since the talk I’ve been trying to put together my essential list.

In no particular order, here is the list of stuff I couldn’t do without:

  • R+R – the mountains, outdoors, mountain bike, beer or just leaving at 5 and not working at home. Sometimes I really need to switch off! And of course good quality single malt.
  • iPhone – only had this device for 2 weeks but it has revolutionised my organisation. I have a photo of my timetable, using the calendar feature and just listening to music when I need to calm down!
  • My own laptop with mobile broadband – no need to worry about blocked sites at work. I can take my lessons anywhere.
  • A reality check – from family, girlfriend and colleagues. Always keep my feet on the ground and give me perspective.
  • Memory stick
  • Good quality speakers and projector
  • Dry wipe pen
  • Seating map – so I can remember and use names and keep those delightful pairs apart. Using a name is one of the most effective behavior management strategies
  • Learning how to use my voice effectively – when to be quite, whisper, firm, loud, excited, annoyed
  • Textbooks – everyone’s guilty pleasure. Many a gem of an activity an be found in these dusty publications.
  • Planner – still on paper. Lets me scribble and keep track of lessons
  • CPD – blogs, SLN, Teaching Geography Today, Hampshire’s Think Tank and AST’s, watching colleagues, research, MA work, magazine, papers, training others, delivering INSET. Inspiration and giving me something to aim for as well as ideas and resources. To me without CPD teaching stands still.
  • Pupil feedback – in shaping the curriculum, telling me which lessons work and those that need some work.

There are others – what couldn’t you do without?

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  1. Useful post David
    Agree about the single malt…
    Recently I have come across “Project notebooks” available in various well known supermarkets. Spiral bound with tabs and envelopes in A5 size. Carry one round to write down all the projects I’m involved with and notes from each meeting / phone call so I can refer back.
    Also getting used to my little Elonex Onet (will bring it at the weekend)

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