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I will slay the dragon! Attended the OCR B ‘Get Ready’ inset training last week. Although the sessions were a little disorgainsed some key questions were answered. I think that many of the worries people have about the new specifications (and especially controlled assessment (CA)) can be resolved by ready the specification document carefully.

I was also a little disappointed that Hienemann got in a long sales pitch for their ‘spec matching’ ‘partnership’ titles. I believe that this approach leads to overreliance on text books and a rather dry curriculum that is unable to react to current events.

However, it was great to get my hands on the sample CA questions and other support material. It was also good to get hold of some planning ideas.

The link at the bottomof this post will take you to my thoughts so far. These will be shared with the department on Monday and will probably change. Also, they shouldn’t be relied upon for your own planning!

you will find:

  • A plan for the first 3 cohorts. This includes the changing Sustainable Decision Making Exercise (SDME) unit. This has implication on the timing of the units and what is taught. For example, the SDME theme doesn’t need a case study focus. The plan is based upon a Jan SDME in Year 11 and submition of the CA in Jan of Year 11
  • A list of current case studies. This will most certainly change. I need to provide a list for my department so that they are supported. It will also help with moderation of exams etc and help with sharing resources. Many of the case studies are based upon text book examples, but the information will be supplimented. You will notice a stong focus on the local. Any case study that can be exemplfied in Portsmouth we’ll be using it!
  • A suggested plan of action for the Fieldwork Focus and Geographical Investigation. This is based upon information at the OCR inset.

Finally, get to your curriculum manager and demand that they write a CA policy. Is your school ready for the huge change? Are there networks and time for curriculum leaders to shre best practice? What implications are there for trips?

You’ll find the document here. I’d apreciate any thoughts and ideas you may have.

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