Citizenship and Geography

Geography is the perfect subject in which to consider the citizenship agenda. At the moment I’m working on a project for Folens.

But how do you make geography overtly citizenship? Simple changes are all that is needed. For example a change in language to use rights, respect and responsibility. an;t go into too much detail – you’ll have to wait for the book 😉

A classic example is the inauguration of President Obama. For example, why did he use his middle name? Hussien? What message did it send out?

I am a great believer in suspending the usual curriculum when big events happen. All KS3 classes will have a lesson on the topic while KS4 will spend 10-15 minutes considering the impacts.


View more presentations or upload your own. (tags: geography obama)

This video flagged up by Cliotech:

I used this youTube video to illustrate one of the ways in which we are linked to the USA within popular culture:

Thanks to Dan for the declaration of interdependence idea
Hat tip to: Kenny and Cliotech

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