Groundhog day

I love Groundhog Day – what a film! Was watching it on my way home from the conference yesterday when an idea materialised. Tested the idea out today as Year 9 are exploring Climate Change. Linked to Ruth’s Living Geography session – how should we be tackling climate change in the classroom?

If you were stuck in your own ‘Groundhog Day’ what would you do differently?

  • To be more sustainable?
  • To experience more risk?

What would you prepare for and how?

Lots of possibilities and positive feedback from pupils and staff.

Will be followed up by linking to Copenhagen 2009 . If our politicians commit us to an 80% reduction your like will have to change. If you had today again what would you do to help out country meet its commitment? Lots of links to Citizenship and moral responsibility. Why is 2009 a critical year?

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