Climate Change and a death-defying stuntman

In the spirit of using my own geographical experiences here’s a lesson linking to climate change. The aim of the lesson is to consider the evidence for climate change. To allow pupils to develop critical evaluation skills as they watch parts of An Inconvenient Truth.

I tell them that I am a death-defying stuntman shortly after saying that the world is without a doubt getting warmer. ‘Yeah right, we want proof!’ they all shout. So, I set about proving the point with this:

There’s the proof that their teacher is a death-defying stuntman. What do you mean no???

Reinforce the point. We then have a look at the proof presented by Al Gore for climate change – with some nice pauses to ask ‘Is this convincing?’. Pupils group the evidence into ‘I’m convinced’ and “I need more information’.

The idea that science is not always black and white, especially when it come to climate change, is a vital point to make to pupils. This PPT links the parts together. The starter ensures that pupils link to their future living geographies – how will this affect them? Why should they care?

The two other youTube videos are these:


Parts of Inconvenient Truth used are from the ‘Basic Climate Change Facts’ starting with the Futurama link.

Also really important to challenge misconceptions about climate change – especially ozone!

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