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Attended a great workshop by Jeff Stanfield during last week’s conference. I work closely with Jeff and love his passion and knowledge.

Jeff argues that pupils should be “geography detectives’. I agree. We took part in a couple of taster activities during the workshop. One of which challenged us to match census data to photographs in Southampton. I’ve used this idea with Portsmouth. It is vital that we continue to explore census data. This lesson will be part of my Ofsted preparation for this Wednesday and Thursday.

This is the PPT that holds the lesson together:

The starter asks pupils to explore their feelings about Portsmouth. Can they put tangible data and evidence together with these feelings. Thanks to Dan and Alan for the ‘feelings’ slide.

Next is the challenge. A series of photos, census and deprivation data. Pupils have to explore the data in order to match the place. In teams, pupils will locate their area on a large map of Portsmouth.

Here are the photos. All have been found on Flickr and used under the Creative Commons scheme. Reinforces that Flickr is an excellent resource.

To follow up I plan to use the My Maps feature in Google Maps. Pupils will create their own map of Porstmouth.

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