What apps do I use?

I’ve been looking at the #appnesty hashtag with interest and thought I’d share what I use, rather than what’s on my phone.  In the process, I looked back on this 2012 post to see what has changed.  Personally, I don’t think that a story full of screenshots is that useful to readers, so instead here are some of my thoughts about apps.


Firstly, I have a set of principles about my App usage.  This has meant that  I’ve kept my usage sustainable.
1. Apps must be multi-platform and run through a broswer.  It shouldn’t matter about the flavour of device, but the power of the tool. This goes for a sync function also – these days there shouldn’t be a need to get stuff from one place to another. It’s not about the device but behaviour and learning.
2. Separate personal use and work use. Of course, there is some cross over, but how i use my personal apps I leave to your imagination….
3. Use what we’ve got but better. Originally a BETT related pun, but I believe that we should use a limited selection of tools really, really well.  Constantly changing to use the latest often leaves staff behind.  
4. Would I recommend the App to students. If I wouldn’t, then it’s not worth pursuing.
5. There has to be a genuine learning purpose to the App.
6. I still use analogue. Indeed, I think and plan analogue with blank paper and really fit, tactile notebooks.
7. I need to share what I’m working on.
What I use, daily.
With the advent of the iPhone my professional life was saved, just the basic functions of a calendar, reminders were great.
Dropbox Holds everything, both personal and professional. Myself and former colleagues pay for the professional version.  Means i can get my entire curriculum anywhere.  Excellent recent functionality includes being able to edit using Office from the device and leave comments.
Evernote combined with the If This Then That recipes it’s my notetaker of choice.  
OneNote – this is the jewel in the Microsoft Office crown – a great tool and digital exercise book. I use this to organise research and meetings.
Google stuff – Used to collaborate on various shared documents and keep an eye on various forms and files. This includes Google Earth and Maps
Microsoft Office Stuff – I don’t believe in free stuff – there is no service level agreement, most of my stuff uses Office as, quite frankly, it’s better than the competition.  It’s how you use rather than what you use.
Over – my photo thing of choice
MindNode – really useful mind mapping tool
Office Lens – Really useful scanning App – some of the best Apps are from Microsoft.
Collect – Really nice App designed for 365 type photo projects.  Reminds me, which is important.
I could go on to my collection of running apps…. but that’s for latr….

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