Twitter in the classroom

Have been burning a lot of brain juice thinking of ways in which to get Twitter used in the classroom easily and effectively. Any use of the programme must be able to be used across the department (and school). Therefore it has to be accessible to the IT not-so-literate. Also, any use has to add value to the learning.

So this week Year 10 have started lesson with this:

stephenfryBorneo is so gorgeous. But what a pity the monoculture of palm oil blights so much of the countryside. X

What a mystery! What on earth is this bloke on about? Led to interesting debates and all sorts of connections between Year 10 the rainforest and exploitation. Where is Borneo? What is Palm Oil? What’s a monoculture? Why is it blighting te landscape? Cue Google Maps, photo layer, terrain, photos and lots of research

The quote was a tweet from Stephen Fry saved as a favorite. A good example of how geography is going on everywhere, everyday. Also brought the textbook and my ramblings up-to-date. The lesson has also been used successfuly with other classes.

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