Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS) and the Social and Emotional Aspects to Learning (SEAL) are a big priority at our school at the moment. On further investigation, Geography is in a strong position as these aspects are already there! Having said this, the department will need to change the language used when teaching and make more explicit the links. I have produced a simple Scheme of Work cover sheet that allows existing Schemes of Work to be assessed. I don’t think that there needs to be a radical and huge overhaul of units (yet again…..).

Overall, I quite like this aspect as in considering where PLTS and SEAL fits teachers ae being asked to consider what pupils should be learning. Through exploring this issue there could be a development in the emotional literacy of students and a move towards deper learning

It is also important to note that SEAL has been around for a while in Primary Schools so it’s well worth getting in touch with your feeder schools to ensure progression.

The document can be found here. Please note that there are some layout issues in this early draft.

Other useful links (put here mainly so I can find them again – it’s not easy!!!):

National Strategy Secondary SEAL
. Also links to Primary version. No Geography specific guidance yet (is someone working on it?)
Teachernet SEAL resources. Limited at the moment.
National Curriculum PLTS Geography Specific Guidance and examples.

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