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The presentation is available on slideshare as well as the GA website. Both are presented here using Slideshare – a great presentation sharing website. To download the presentation visit the slideshare site by clicking the button.

And the task cards are here:

One of the most interesting aspects of the workshop was seeing the results of your fieldwork adventures. Delegates were asked to take photos that displayed Manchester. I’ve put them all together and created a little movie of them – some very interesting images! Remember that pupils can use their own mobile devices to carry out this sort of fieldwork at home.

Doorstep Geography from David Rogers on Vimeo.

Created using iMovie on a Mac. Great Creative Commons website for music Copyright free music to use in your classroom. The uploaded to

Now to the feedback. This blog asked you to comment on your experiences and thoughts on the activities. During the feedback session delegrates feddback via the blog comment button. The responses were then put into a cloud. Thsi is a great way to allow all students in a class to provide feedback. The word clouds can also be used to introduce the next lesson. One great comment was ‘Thanks for letting us stop and think.’ remember many of the tasks challenge pupils engage with Place and Space in different ways.

The plenary session asked delegates to sum up the workshop on one post-it note. Many thanks for the comments. I have also used to spot any patterns. It seems that the main messages where that Doorstep Geography makes you think a bit differently about the local area.

Some specific comments were:

‘Can be accessed by all abilities’

‘The local area has a lot to offer if you look and have a little creativity’

‘Sometimes we overlook the importance of small scale observation such as listening and how much we can learn from it’

‘How easy and fun it was to walk around a busy city with camera in hand engaging with the public, looking for inspiration’

This work also links into a number of other projects:

Images created using and used under a Creative Commons license

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  1. Nice work !
    Another good resource to direct people to…
    It’s the little ‘DVD extras’ that make the difference as always…

    Ooh, the captcha text for this one is UNARSE…

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