Citizenship Through Geography

Am back on the old laptop at the moment which has made me realise how easy the MacBook is to use!!

Have just finished answering some of the queries attached to the latest resource I am producing. Here is a Wordle of the manuscript to give you a flavour:

Details about the resource can be found here.

There has been talk of Open Source textbooks on the SLN forum at the moment. I really like this idea and there are some plans underway for Folens to provide online updates of their Geography@Work series. I will let you know more as this develops.

Wordle images created using and used through a Creative Commons licnece

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  1. Just tried out that Wordle thing, and it’s quite cool. If you like that, methinks you’d like ‘Toogle’. Head over to, type in any old word, and watch the results!
    It may not work with various beta builds of Firefox or Minefield, however. Try it in IE if you’re feeling brave.

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