Plan, Do, Review

Have been reading and thinking about this blog post about Do, Discover, Design after a number of tip offs from Twitter.

As I’m heading to the Burgate School this weekend to train staff on a Duke of Edinburgh course it strikes me that there is a similarity between ‘Do, Discover, Design’ and the ‘Plan, Do, Review‘ processes. (Link to Hampshire’s Outdoor Service Newsletter in 2002, and mentions that the four Hampshire Centers use the model or learning) I was introduced to the latter during my Mountain Leader training and assessment and during my work with the Hampshire Outdoor Service.

I’m going to think some more about this and hope to post at a later date. In the meantime, are there any other models of learning that you consider valuable?

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  1. Thanks Angus,

    I remember the name from Teacher Training, but will become more familiar with his work. I wonder if there are many links with ‘learning through play?’ I have noticed that this has been mentioned in the mainstream media recently.

    All the best David

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