Urban Earth Day – Hour 1

Urban Earth Day 1 from David Rogers on Vimeo.

Enjoying the half term rain at the moment and just about to head out to prepare my bike for the South Downs Way. Getting distracted at the moment by the Discovery Channel.

Sunday saw the first of 24 hour long walks. Part of an Urban earth project. The walks will build up into a picture of urban areas. As I had been invited to a BBQ at the potential-in-laws we decided to walk from the flat. A few things stuck me during the walk:

  • How easy it was to get into a really rural feeling area dispite being surrounded by suburbia. There was a real urban adventure feel to some areas
  • How British people love stripping off at the first sign of sun! I wonder if the pilgrimage to the seafront reflects the lack of space in our urban areas?
  • How very very quiet suburbia is. Sunday afternoon, lots of BBQ smells but the only real sounds being birdsong and bees. Away from the seafront we saw no one!

A very cool den, lots of improvised bike jumps and dens in this area. The path followed the edge of a housing development.

As we walked I used my iPhone to contribute to the #ueday tag. It as interesting to read and respond to other peoples Tweets. I think that this could be turned into a useful Doorstep Geography style activity.

iPhone used to interact and record the walk

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