Action Aid Teach Climate Action – 3

The third post based upon the ideas shared at the Teach Climate Action is about the work of Robbie Sutton. Robbie is a psychologist and posed some excellent questions. He focused on some of the barriers to humans in changing their behaviour. I think that this are of climate change should be covered. For example, during and after the Carbon Footprint Project pupils are asked to consider some of the pshycological barriers to acting upon climate change. After all, if we are encouragng our pupils to act, shouldn’t we explore some of the reasons why?

Robbie also argued that the environmental movement should be rebranded as being conservative. After all, they are often arguing to preserve the status quo rather than to change it. For example, we should be making a clear distinction between the direct action of illegally climbing towers and the direct action of writing to MPs and staging legal protests.

I would be interested to hear any ideas that colleagues have in getting this area of climate change education.

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